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Discover The 4 Powerful Steps To Change Careers Into Digital Marketing To Get Hired Faster, Earn More and Work Less

Join Katie Jeanes, an expert digital marketer, career-changer, and founder of Somerville Academy, in a free 4-part course that will help you change careers into digital marketing and transform your career, income, and quality of life.

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What You'll Learn

  • The big lie we were told about our careers
    • Discover why most women+ don't start out their careers in digital marketing, and how you can change careers in 4 simple steps.
  • How to get recruiters to come to you with job offers
    • And how to decide which ones to go for...
  • A simple trick to learn the technical skills you need to get hired
    • Without going back to school for years...
  • The fastest way to gain experience in the industry
    • And how to leverage it in negotiations...
  • An exact breakdown of our job hunting system
    • Complete with resume templates, phone screen scripts, and the best questions to ask in an interview.
And many more tools and techniques that will unlock the new way for women to have it all...

About Katie Jeanes


Before Katie Jeanes achieved career success as a digital marketer — And as a highly sought-out instructor for top institutions like General Assembly and the University of Sydney — Katie was an unemployed college graduate with a kinesiology degree and $75,000 of debt.

In 2009, Katie graduated with a Kinesiology degree, straight into an economy reeling from the Global Financial Crisis. With limited experience and no in-demand skills, she cobbled together jobs and businesses for the new few years of her career.

From there, Katie found digital marketing and developed the skills she needed to launch her own career as a digital marketer. In 2014, she started teaching, consulted with the United Nations, ran digital strategy for a national charity, and got recruited to launch her first tech school.

After moving to Australia, teaching at General Assembly and the University of Sydney, Katie launched Somerville Academy as a school specifically for women+ to learn digital marketing and launch their own flexible, fulfilling, and lucrative careers. 

And Katie will show you how in this free introductory course.

Katie's career as a digital marketer has allowed her to travel the world while working remotely.

She splits her time between Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada while teaching students all over the world.

Student Reviews Of Katie Jeanes

"An amazing instructor who captivates a room"

I had the pleasure of having Katie as my instructor for two separate programs in Digital Marketing. She is not only knowledgeable but is also an amazing instructor who captivates a room. Her obvious expertise in the field combined with her upbeat, creative attitude really made coming to class enjoyable. Any organization or student would be lucky to have an opportunity to work with Katie.

Ashley Joslin

VP of Growth at Left

"I would highly recommend Katie as a teacher."

Katie was easily one of the best parts of the course. She brought a positive, upbeat attitude to every situation. Katie is a very humble teacher with a wealth of knowledge. Google Analytics can be very difficult to learn so well in a short period of time, but with Katie's hands-on teaching style and patience, it was easy and fun to learn. She was also very knowledgeable about Google Ads, which helped us grasp the concepts easily. One of the best parts of Katie's teaching style is the follow-along part. We didn't have to just sit and listen, we got to practice in real-time. When one of us got stuck somewhere in the lesson, Katie encouraged us to work collaboratively to solve the issue. I would highly recommend Katie as a teacher.

Shyrie Maharaj

Newsdesk Coordinator at lululemon

"Count yourself lucky if you get to spend time learning from her"

I had the pleasure of having Katie as my instructor. I loved this learning experience, largely in part to Katie's teaching style, ability, and personality. She was clearly an expert on the subject matter, as she was able to thoroughly show real-time examples and give clear instruction and even went so far as to take time after class on multiple occasions to discuss scenarios and give suggestions as to my own company. Additionally, I have heard her speak at conferences, and she is well-spoken and incredibly on top of her areas of expertise. Count yourself lucky if you get to spend time learning from her.

Nicole Weibe

Digital Marketer, Published Photographer, Content Creator, Featured Author & Editor.

About Somerville Academy

Somerville is an online digital marketing school created by and for women. Born out of a need to have more women, especially more women of colour, in the technology industry. Our programs are designed to give women the skills, experience, and confidence they need to start their careers on their own terms.

Our online learning portal lets students work around their existing schedules. Lessons and office hours are live-streamed so the logistics of going back to school, including commuting and childcare, are easier to handle.

Student Reviews Of Somerville Academy

"Somerville was really the best thing that could have happened to me."

Somerville was really the best thing that could have happened to me. The skills that I have learned/acquired here have given me the freedom to do/pursue whatever I aspire. The sky is truly the limit now and I loved that support was there every step of the way!

Angela Saint-Yl

Somerville Alumni

"Such a great team behind Somerville Academy"

Somerville Academy has built a community full of supportive and encouraging women to bounce ideas of and help each other throughout anyone's journey. There are so many resources shared for you to have the complete learning experience.  During the entire course, the TAs were always on standby for any questions regarding the lessons, HW & projects. Such a great team behind Somerville Academy.

Tere Plaza

Somerville Alumni

"Somerville Academy was the perfect blend of coursework and real-world experience"

Somerville Academy was the perfect blend of coursework and real-world experience. The TAs/teachers are always right there ready to help with whatever you need; they want you to succeed just as bad as you do! I had a terrific experience and am excited to see what the future holds.

Abby Christensen

Somerville Alumni

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