Career Change Catalyst is our transformative digital marketing program, designed to help you become a digital marketer, start working remotely, set your own hours, and start earning what you're worth. You’ll learn how to design your career so it funds the life you want and gives you the time to actually live it.


We know you want more.

More money to fund your life. More time to live it.

A new career as a digital marketer is the answer, but there's a problem...

You can't just drop everything and spend the next 4 years in school.

  • You have bills to pay, people to take care of, and loans to pay off.
  • You're smart, ambitious, and you work hard, but you're still always worried about money.
  • You know time is passing, but every year you miss out on holidays, birthdays, and family days because you have to work.
  • You need to make more money, but you're already burnt out.

Sometimes, you just feel stuck...

You're in the right place.

We have helped hundreds of women who were stuck in their old jobs... Until they found us.

It is our mission at Somerville to help smart, ambitious women, like you, achieve success on their own terms by changing careers into digital marketing. You have worked too hard to settle for a job that keeps you underpaid and overworked. Even if it does come with health insurance.

You've been thinking about a career change for a while now, but you worry it'll be too hard or you'll fall behind and fail. And that's not your fault - there simply hasn't been a way to become a digital marketer, that was flexible and affordable enough for most women to join. Online learning is the answer. 

Career Change Catalyst takes you step-by-step through the process of changing careers and becoming a digital marketer so you can finally start earning what you're worth, set your own hours, and work from home.

How would it feel to...

  • Not fight about money with your partner anymore?
  • Throw in a load of laundry on your lunch break and spend your evening relaxing instead of cleaning?
  • Make $60,000+ a year as a STARTING SALARY
  • Treat your girlfriends to lunch?
  • Be present with your loved ones instead of working from your phone?
  • Spend 3 months a year working from France?
  • Take on one client and make an extra $5,000 per month?
  • Sleep peacefully through Sunday night because you love what you do?
  • Be proud of your answer when someone asks what you do?
  • Go where you're needed at moment's notice because you can bring your work with you?


Our founder did it, our instructors did it, our alumni did it, our students are doing it, and you can do it too.

Your career doesn't have to be a constant tradeoff between time and money.

Before finding Somerville, many of our students tried to teach themselves digital marketing (by Googling how-to's), applied for jobs on their own (but never heard back), or went back to college, got another degree and came out 2 years later with a Masters, more student loans, and still no job.

When you learn from industry experts, you get the skills companies are looking for, the experience to get your foot in the door, and the network to get hired fast.

We'll be straight with you: changing careers is hard work. But, once you're a digital marketer, your career is limitless. You can work in any industry, your income increases with your expertise, and you set your own schedule. And it doesn't have to take 4 years to make it happen. 97.4% of our students are hired within 6 months and the average starting salary for our alumni is $60,000 USD per year.

Our program, Career Change Catalyst, will take all the guesswork out of becoming a digital marketer and will drastically speed up your success. It will give you a proven process to follow, so you can graduate into a booming industry with the skills, experience, and network necessary to get hired fast.

You become a digital marketer and launch a career that works for you...

Starting now.

In case you're new here...

Welcome to Somerville Academy

Somerville is an online digital marketing school created by and for women+. Born out of a need to have more women+, especially more women+ of colour, in the technology industry. Our programs are designed to give women+ the skills, experience, and confidence they need to start their careers as digital marketers and achieve success on their own terms.

Katie Jeanes launched Somerville Academy in 2018, after her own successful career change into digital marketing. In just 4 years, Katie was able to pay off $75,000 of debt, move to Australia, start working remotely, and tripled her income to $180,000 a year. She became determined to help as many women+ as possible do the same, which brings us to today.

We believe in women+, and work hard to create a safe space for all gender identities to learn and thrive.

  • We believe that your work should fit around your life, and not the other way around. 
  • We believe success is having more than enough money to fund your life and more than enough time to live it.
  • We believe that becoming a digital marketer is the best way to achieve that.

Most women+ have to choose between career and family at some point in their lives, and we would choose family every single time. But the thing is... we don't have to decide. And neither do you!

Over the last year, on average, our students doubled their annual incomes after graduation. The average starting salary for our alumni was $60,000 a year and 97.4% of our graduates were hired within 6 months. And our students are doing it all from home. Classes and lessons are 100% online which makes finding the time to start a whole new career a lot easier.

It's hard to believe how quickly things can change. Our students have gone from being event planners, bankers, bartenders, paralegals, stay-at-home-moms, even unemployed jobseekers, to digital marketers with fully remote jobs and lucrative freelance contracts. Changing careers into digital marketing has allowed them to make more money and spend more time with the people they love most, all while doing work they enjoy. For a lot of us, it feels too good to be true.

We believe that women shouldn't have to settle and that good enough doesn't have to be good enough. Anyone who is willing work hard to create the life they want for themselves and their families, should have the choice, opportunity, and tools to make it happen.

That's why we created

Career Change Catalyst.


So what is

Career Change Catalyst?

Career Change Catalyst is our transformative digital marketing program that will show you exactly how to change careers and become a digital marketer by developing the in-demand skills and industry experience necessary to get hired.

When you register, you'll get instant access to our incredible course and community, which includes training videos, templates, tech how-to's, weekly live seminars with industry professional, and 24/7 online support in our student community. We took everything we know about digital marketing, changing careers, and navigating the industry as women in tech and broke it down into a simple, easy to follow, and results-oriented program.

Our students often join this program feeling stuck, scared, and a little skeptical. In 5 months, graduate into a thriving career with limitless income and flexibility.

Jennifer  Leicht

“The Somerville Academy courses provided me with an experience that I would not have been able to attain on my own. I have learned so much and feel more confident when it comes to digital marketing and I had experts in the field who coached me every step of the way.”

Angelia Saint-Yl

“Somerville was really the best thing that could have happened to me. The skills that I have learned/acquired here have given me the freedom to do/pursue whatever I aspire. The sky is truly the limit now and I loved that support was there every step of the way!”

Tiffany Altman

“I learned skills from Somerville that I didn't even know existed.  I started this program at the beginning of COVID-19 and wasn't sure where my career was headed, but now 16 weeks later, I am improving and growing my own business and finally feel hope for financial stability again. This program has been a life-changing experience for me.  I am truly thankful.”

What makes Career Change Catalyst different?

There are a million digital marketing programs available online. Career Change Catalyst is different. Here's why:


Lots of schools have digital marketing courses, but many of them require unrealistic time commitments. We know that most women can't just drop everything and go back to school full time. That's why career change catalyst lets you go at your own pace and set your own schedule. You can watch lessons on your phone, do homework during nap time, even bring your kid to class. Lots of "experts" have digital marketing courses as well, but there's not a lot of support or accountability to keep students on track. We also know that getting help from a human, specifically an industry professional, is the fastest and most effective way to learn something. That's why we have 24/7 online support and weekly seminars you can attend to get help in real time from your instructors (who also happen to work in the industry as digital marketers and know what it takes to change careers).


You won't just get the digital marketing lessons. Sure, we include the step-by-step lessons and technical how-to's for Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Hubspot... But we also include trainings and templates on how to implement them, bring them together, and create a holistic digital strategy for your clients. Speaking of clients, we also teach you how to get your first 3 clients to build out your portfolio. Then we teach you how to network, how to make a stand-out resume, how to apply for job, how to interview, and how to negotiate. Once you graduate you also get to join our alumni channel where we continue to support you in your career transition until you find your feet.


When you sign up, you'll get access to all of the templates, video trainings, and how-to's at once. You won't have to wait on us or for the start of a new semester to get started. You can dive in and work through the course at your own pace.


There is no easy way to change careers into digital marketing. We're going to be real with you, it's hard. The good news is, it doesn't have to take forever. Most of our students are graduated and working in 6 months. The students who follow and trust our process get real results fast. We know you're smart. You could probably DIY this career change on your own, just like our founder did (it took her 4 years and $75,000). Career Change Catalyst will increase the speed of your success and save you from the expensive mistakes, the frustration of trial and error, and the humiliation of no one replying to your job applications.


We have had hundreds of students go through our courses. We've seen what works. We've seen what doesn't. Heck, we maintained our students' success through a global pandemic. We have adjusted the curriculum and refined the lessons to be the most effective career change course on the market. We're committed to staying experts in the field, we update our curriculum every quarter to keep up to date with industry innovation, and we test every strategy we teach on Somerville itself. Our instructors are industry experts, women in tech, and digital marketers who've successfully completed their own career changes.


Many courses tell you what to do, but don't give you the how, let alone the why. Career Change Catalyst starts with the why. Each module and lesson brings together specific tech skills, which are then applied to a real business, to create a holistic digital marketing strategy. At the end of the program you will have a deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem, as well as be able to analyze a business or website and make recommendations based on data and business objectives.


Every month, students, alumni, and instructors come together for a virtual happy hour, we have specific Slack channels for skincare and pets in our online community, and everyone is up for lending a hand, being a second set of eyes, or making an intro where we can. You simply will not find a more fun or supportive group of women to go back to school with. Once you're in, you're in it for the long haul.


Just look below...

MaryRose Zipse

“The Somerville Academy Digital Marketing course is more than simply learning about how to be a digital marketer.  It is a community, a team, and a platform where women are empowered to explore the industry all while building strong relationships with peers, with professionals in the field, and with oneself.  Additionally, the instructors provide exceptional support to ensure all goals are exceeded.  Somerville is a transformative experience I would recommend to anyone seeking a fulfilling challenge.”

Tere Plaza

“The Somerville academy has built a community full of supportive and encouraging women to bounce ideas of and help each other throughout anyone's journey. There are so many resources shared for you to have the complete learning experience.  During the entire course, the TAs were always on standby for any questions regarding the lessons, HW & projects. Such a great team behind Somerville Academy.”

Molly Lermon

“Being in that group of women was very encouraging. It didn’t feel like a competition. It felt like we were a team going for the same goal. I gained confidence but also a sense of pride in what I do. Now I feel a sense of placement in what I do.”

Now... It's your turn


Course Overview

Career Change Catalyst will take you step-by-step through the process of developing your digital marketing skills, implementing them to create digital strategies for real clients, building your network, and getting hired as a digital marketer.

The program is jam-packed, but is broken down into simple, actionable steps that you can work through at your own pace.

There are five capstone projects inside Career Change Catalyst.


This is the place where you showcase your new skills and experience as a digital marketer as well as let your personality shine through. You'll build it in Wordpress and plug in your own Google Analytics tracking.

  • Design and build your own portfolio website in Wordpress.
  • Get certified in Google Analytics


Your first client project. The project focuses on leveraging your new SEO and content marketing skills to create a digital marketing strategy to help your community partner be found online.

  • Create an SEO and content marketing strategy for a real business


Your second client project. Using Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads, you'll create an e-commerce strategy to help boost revenue for a real online business.

  • Get certified in Google Ads
  • Create real Facebook and Google Ads campaigns
  • Create an ecommerce marketing strategy for a real online business


Your third client project. This final client project brings together all the skills you learn at Somerville to create a multi-channel digital strategy to generate leads for a real business.

  • Get certified in Hubspot (a popular marketing software)
  • Create a lead generation strategy for a real business


Your final project. You become the client and create your own strategy to get hired. Spruce up your online presence and get creative when applying for jobs to stand out from the crowd.

  • Review and optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Prepare job applications and practice interviewing
  • Compare job offers and negotiate to ensure you're getting paid what you're worth when you graduate

All The Tools You Need To

Build A Thriving Career As A Digital Marketer

Career Change Catalyst give you everything you need to change careers and become a digital marketer.

It doesn't matter if you don't know exactly what you want to do yet.

Career Change Catalyst gives you broad experience in every aspect of digital marketing and allows you to dive deeper into the areas of the industry you enjoy and are good at.

It doesn't matter if you have never worked with clients before.

Career Change Catalyst includes lessons and tutorials on how to find your first three clients, how to run discovery calls, how to write marketing reports, and how to create and host client presentations.

It doesn't matter if you don't have time.

You can work through the course at your own pace and make you career change as fast or as slow as you want. Career Change Catalyst even includes time and project management strategies and your very own copy of our monthly planner. You will never have more time until you make a change.

No matter where you're at now, by the end of Career Change Catalyst, you will have the in-demand skills, portfolio of industry experience, network, and interview skills you need to get hired as a digital marketer.

So many of our students come to Somerville with the same doubts

What if I fall behind or fail out?

What if I'm really bad at digital marketing?

What if I don't get a job at the end?

But what they know for sure is this... That their current way of working isn't working and it's time for a change.

  • They want to be able to set their own hours
  • They want to stop fighting with their partners about money
  • They want to take their kids on holiday and make some memories
  • They want to work from home so they can do school drop off and pick up
  • They want to work remotely so they can travel
  • They want to pay their own bills, without the help of a partner or parent

So they dive in. They show up when it's easy and when it's hard. More often than not there are late nights and a few tears along the way. But they trust the process and do the work. They keep going. And then, they're through it. They start to get recruiters coming to them with job opportunities on LinkedIn. They get potential clients asking if they could work together. They apply for those jobs they were so nervous about in the beginning and they get them. And then, all those baby steps blend into one big step. They become digital marketers, working from home, making $60,000 a year to start. They throw in some laundry over lunch and spend their evenings relaxing instead of cleaning. They pick their kids up from school every day. They have weekends free to spend however they want. They're planning for the future, buying houses, working remotely from Europe, and living life on their own terms.

This can be your reality.

After following the process laid out in Career Change Catalyst, you will have the in-demand skills, portfolio of industry experience, and network you need to get hired and become a digital marketer.


Somerville Academy is committed to maintaining access to our programs for all students, regardless of their financial position. We want our students to be able to focus on class, not costs. We offer an installment plan to make the path to your new career easier.

Installment Plan


(Make bite-sized payments)

  • Lifetime Access to the Career Change Catalyst Program 
  • Weekly Live Seminars with Industry Expert Instructors
  • 24/7 Support via the Somerville Student Hub on Slack
  • Access to all of our Templates, Slides, and Resources for creating industry-level digital strategies and getting hired
  • Everything you need to launch your future-proof career as a digital marketer

Pay In Full


(Save $1,064)

  • Lifetime Access to the Career Change Catalyst Program 
  • Weekly Live Seminars with Industry Expert Instructors
  • 24/7 Support via the Somerville Student Hub on Slack
  • Access to all of our Templates, Slides, and Resources for creating industry-level digital strategies and getting hired
  • Everything you need to launch your future-proof career as a digital marketer

Alison Sagar

“With Somerville Academy’s help, I finally understood my worth and my perspective changed. I now know I have this incredible skill-set. I’m able to say “you don’t even know you need me yet, and let me show you why you need me”. Somerville gave me a really different way of seeing the job market.”

Scarlet Aker

“I was skeptical at first, but now that I'm on the other side of this successful program, I don't have any regrets. As a honor roll science nerd, I didn't have any issues with any of the work; any questions I did have, were answered promptly by my TA. The capstones I completed make me feel ready for my future work and I'm so excited that digital marketing has room for all kinds of different people, such as a blue-hair, tattooed, punky girl like me.”

Abby Christensen

“Somerville Academy was the perfect blend of coursework and real-world experience. The TAs/teachers are always right there ready to help with whatever you need; they want you to succeed just as bad as you do! I had a terrific experience and am excited to see what the future holds.”

Earlybird Registration Bonus Courses

Register in Career Change Catalyst early and enrol in these bonus courses for free:

BONUS COURSE 1: 30-Day Freelancer

($997 tuition)

Learn how to build a thriving freelance business as a digital marketer and earn an extra $5,000 a month in 30 days. This course is a step-by-step breakdown on how to package, price, and sell your skills as a freelance digital marketer. Includes daily lessons, templates for pitch emails, proposals, and reports, as well as software recommendations for running your own business. Start your side hustle in 30 days.

BONUS COURSE 2: Advanced Interview + Negotiation Skills

($297 tuition)

Master advanced interview and negotiation techniques to add an extra $5,000 to your salary. Learn how to navigate the entire interview process from initial phone calls, to in-person interviews, to technical interviews. Then develop your negotiation strategy, which is done correctly, should add an extra $5,000 to your annual salary.

Earlybird registration for BONUS COURSE 1 is now closed. Earlybird registration for BONUS COURSE 2 is closing soon.


A note from our founder...

Hello there! My name is Katie Jeanes and I'm the founder of Somerville Academy. In 2009, I graduated with a Kinesiology degree, straight into an economy reeling from the Global Financial Crisis. With limited experience and no in-demand skills, I cobbled together jobs and businesses for the new few years of my career.

From there, I found digital marketing and developed the skills I needed to launch my own career as a digital marketer. In 2014, I started teaching, consulted with the United Nations, ran digital strategy for a national charity, and got recruited to launch my first tech school.

After moving to Australia, teaching at General Assembly and the University of Sydney, I launched Somerville Academy as a school specifically for women+ to learn digital marketing and launch their own flexible, fulfilling, and lucrative careers. I hope you'll join us.

Michelle Adams

“Somerville Academy gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to make positive changes in my life. It put me in touch with amazing, like-minded, powerful women who are going to take the marketing world by storm! I am so grateful that Katie Jeanes graced my computer screen with her free webinar just a few months ago.”

Alanna Rogers

“The Somerville program has helped me feel more confident in my skills and allowed me to own my role. While I am still learning every day, I know I am capable and deserve to be in the position I am in.”

Brianna Sloan

“Somerville gave me the confidence to start my own business with a strong digital marketing foundation. I know these new skills and everything I've learned is going to help my business succeed and grow!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Kiri Vanderwel

“The confidence (never mind the skill set) that I acquired throughout the program at Somerville has helped instrumentally in my career. (I can do hard things!) I wouldn’t be in the role I am in today if I hadn’t upgraded my skills at Somerville at the time that I did.”

Beth Tuccillo

“I didn't know how to change careers after working for so long in one industry. Somerville gave me the tools, support, and hands-on experience I needed to make the switch!”

Robyn Burgess

“Thank you for sharing that brain full of knowledge with me and making it your life’s work to empower women. You should feel amazing about that as the skills you have taught me have made me confident in my capabilities and I want to take on the world! Thank you for your wit, your reliability and your brilliance.”

Ready to make it happen?



Wondering if Somerville Academy is right for you?