Meet Somerville Academy Alumni Robyn Burgess

May 09, 2019
Somerville Academy Alumni - Robyn Burgess

Meet Robyn Burgess

Today’s Somerville Spotlight takes a look at Alumni Robyn Burgess and all she’s accomplished since finishing our Launch Your Career program.

What were you doing before Somerville?

Before Somerville, I was going to school to finish my degree (BA in Health & Community Services) and I was working full time in a restaurant. I had been with the restaurant for 12+ years, and was kind of dabbling in my own business doing some consulting, technical writing, etc.

Were you always interested in a career in STEM?

No! I had never even thought of it, or how the current skills I had could transfer into anything well rounded.

Why did you ultimately decide to enroll with Somerville Academy?

 I really wanted to learn more about how digital marketing could help me grow my own business. Little did I know at the time that the skill-set I gained would be so much more valuable than just working for myself. I have been able to use those skills at all new jobs that I have had since. 

What is your best memory from the program?

I don’t know if I have a specific moment, but as a life long learner I will say this… it is rare to look forward to every lesson/meeting when enrolled in a course and I can say I was always excited to get online and connect with Katie and the other girls in my cohort! It was hard work but we were always laughing! 

What was the most difficult thing you faced during the program? How did you overcome it?

It’s a lot of work to cram into 4 months (haha) and not for the faint of heart. I overcame that obstacle with a team of strong-willed, like-minded ladies. Without them I would have given up.

What was something that separated Somerville from your previous school experiences and made it unique?

The learning style. It was fun and while there was an agenda for each weeks meeting, it was unstructured and great to be able to really focus on areas that you needed most on those calls. You also really get to know the group you’re working with and the support is just amazing. 

How has Somerville helped you in your life and/or career?

I am currently working as a Communications Assistant for Interior Health, and doing my own consulting on the side as a Marketer and Project Manager. This program gave me the confidence to put myself out there as a DM professional, and helped me to really define what it is I’m good at.

What advice do you have for future Somerville students?

One of my favorite quotes sums it up… “Do it. Throw yourself.”

It’s hard work but you won’t be sorry if you take the chance.

What are you doing now?

As I mentioned, I am a Communications Assistant for Interior Health, and currently I am also Project Manager for the development of a new mobile health unit for youth in Kelowna, BC.

What motivates you?

I just can’t not be doing things. I have all of these ideas and I want to do everything! Hmmm but honestly… a goat farm. That’s THE ultimate goal. We want to live on some land, with some goats, and chickens, and grow our own vegetables. What a life!

What is your ultimate career goal?

I just always want to be inspired by what I’m doing.  Having my own business will hopefully give me the freedom one day to pick working with people that are creative and inspire me. I want work to be fun.

If you could describe Somerville Academy with one word, what would it be?


Thank you, Robyn!

With such a full calendar, I appreciate the time you scheduled in for this Somerville Spotlight Alumni edition interview. You can check out what Robyn is up to at Hopefully, we’ll be seeing news of that goat farm soon!!


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