Meet Somerville Academy Alumni Emily Lycopolus

Jan 31, 2019
Somerville Academy Alumni - Emily Lycopolus

Say hello to Emily Lycopolus

This Somerville Spotlight we stopped in to see how another of our Alumni, Emily Lycopolus, is doing after completing our program.

What were you doing before Somerville?

I owned a retail store and am a cookbook author and recipe developer. 

Were you always interested in a career in STEM?

Tech has always been of interest to me and with my work I’ve been involved on the periphery of digital marketing, web design, and development for years. Diving in was the logical next step.

When you decided you wanted to further your career/skill set what options did you consider? 

I really wanted something that I knew I could grow with. With so many changes happening in my life, having something that isn’t stagnant but constantly evolving (like me!) was definitely a priority. I also wanted something that I was not only interested in, but could really support all my dreams and endeavors in multiple capacities and wasn’t limited to just one aspect of my work. Diving into digital marketing not only allowed me to grow and stretch, but also supports growing all my interests and helping others too. 

Why did you ultimately decide to enroll with Somerville Academy?

The program was really attractive and the reality is that, even though it’s online, there is still personal touch points. It isn’t just a traditional listen or watch a video and answer questions style program. The personal contact, interaction with other students and instructors, having office hours, and the traditional aspects of school made it not only attractive but a really supportive learning environment. 

What is your best memory from the program?

I have to pick one? Having the chance to do an in-person class was really cool and probably my favorite part. It happened because my cohort just happened to all be in the same city which was super fun! Meeting together every week and checking in…I really miss our weekly meetings and learning times together. 

What was the most difficult thing you faced during the program? How did you overcome it?

Trouble shooting was probably my most challenging piece. When it came to just digging and figuring out how all the different platforms worked. There is SO much information involved and lots to learn. Watching the instructors troubleshoot on the fly really helped me learn how to navigate on my own, what questions to ask Google to get the right answers, and what sites are reliable. The instructors have so much knowledge sometimes it’s hard to impart it all. Watching them work their magic was incredibly supportive and helped me tackle the challenges. 

What was something that separated Somerville from your previous school experiences and made it unique?

The relationships that have come from Somerville are incredible! I’m still in touch with my cohort and I love that. Often other online schools I’ve attended have felt disconnected and incredibly independent. I love the Somerville community. 

How has Somerville helped you in your life and/or career?

My new business wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Somerville. Taking the part-time program, I went from an idea to making it a reality all in a matter of weeks. It’s such an incredible experience to watch an idea come alive and be surrounded by so many supporters in my cohort. 

What advice do you have for future Somerville students? 

Dive in, ask all the questions, you can do it!! 

What are you doing now? 

I’m currently writing another cookbook and teaching cooking classes, planning overseas culinary experiences, and consulting in the olive oil industry via which is entirely the result of Somerville! 

What motivates you?

People motivate me, feeding them, teaching people how to feed themselves, and basically anything to do with food and people is what drives me. I truly find my purpose in creating spaces of curiosity and connection through food and conversation. 

What is your ultimate career goal?

To spend 6 months of the year in Europe. To host culinary tours abroad and teach people about where their food comes from, all the connections it brings. Ultimately, to land a culinary TV show. 

If you could describe Somerville Academy with one word, what would it be?

A blessing beyond words! Somerville changed the direction of my life. 

Thank you Emily!

It was such a pleasure finding out what Emily has been up to for this Somerville Spotlight, Alumni edition! Did you know there’s an olive oil tasting glass? I sure didn’t until I read about it on Emily’s site. Make sure to check it out at for more amazing olive oil information and do’s and don’ts!

Keep an eye out for our next Somerville Spotlight as we continue to highlight our alumni, community partners, and staff!


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